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As remote working gets increasingly dominant, creating a modern workplace that is flexible and cost-effective has become a top priority in each business. This means a need to have a strong framework for collaboration and communication in place, regardless of business size.
Axiom Teams Connector completes Microsoft Teams’ suite of collaboration tools with voice capability. You can now make and retrieve phone calls to your email and phone contacts wherever you are using a fixed line number with Microsoft Teams. Chat, meet, call and collaborate with ease, in and out of the office hassle free. With Poly Teams Phone, it enables hybrid working environment and preserves the user experience of having an IP phone in the office.

The solution allows you to make and receive calls with a fixed line number and:

Integrates with Microsoft Phone System & Microsoft Teams
100% cloud-based, with no on-premises equipment needed
Enjoy unlimited free calls in and to Singapore from anywhere


new Poly CCX Series Teams Certified Business Phones

Always On

You save several minutes in the morning when you arrive at the office by not having to wait for you PC to boot up.

Dedicated Device

This one is important. There are times that when you join a meeting from your PC — your PC can be very slow at doing other things as PC resources are prioritized to your call. Also, an IP phone is assigned the highest network precedence level of (DSCP value of 46) so you don’t get “packet drops” in terms of network quality of service (QoS). And should you decide to deploy many users as “headset only” users without phones, you’ll probably want to intersperse some hoteling workspaces and common areas with phones. You never know when someone is going to need to dial 911. And although this doesn’t happen often—imagine your PC starts a mandatory software update while you are needed on your call. With a phone, you won’t be dropped.

Managers and Executives in private offices prefer to use speakerphones over headsets and handsets. CCX phones provide an amazing speakerphone experience and, with the new NoiseBlockAI feature–blocking background noise is getting some new technology

One Touch Feature Access

You can think of the phone as a “command and control” power user device. Your communications tools are sitting right where you need them—front and center—on a dedicated device (your phone). Your calls, meetings, and voicemails are all visible without you having to open a window on your PC desktop.

Just top up $12* and you can get a dedicated Poly CCX 400 without opening your laptop.

*Terms and conditions applies. Axiom IT Solutions reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
*Terms and conditions applies. Axiom IT Solutions reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
If this sounds like something your team could use, let’s set up a time for a short demo to understand how Axiom Teams Calling and Poly can benefit you.