Teams Connector Messaging
for Microsoft Teams

Axiom Teams Connector Messaging (TC Messaging) enables Microsoft Teams users to send/receive chat messages to/from Whatsapp and Wechat. It removes the limitations of each type of apps can only send messages to its own users only.

This enables businesses who is using Microsoft Teams as their corporate messaging platform to communicate with their customers who are using whatsapp/wechat, securely. This aligns with their corporate direction and governance.



• Send Messages between Microsoft Teams and WhatsApp / WeChat
• Support Group Chat function.
• Support Text, Image, Voice notes, Video, Emoji.
• Inbound communication with social IVR.
• Message Recording with encryptions.
• Client information management
• Out of office feature
• Full text search forconversations

We offer


Standardized Corporate
Messaging Platform

Microsoft Teams as the single messaging app


No On-premise equipment needed.
100% Full subscription based cloud solution


Employees keeps business messaging separate from personal messaging


Always available, visible and auditable

Data Ownership*

Company owns the data even if staff leave the company.


Messaging records are available for check and audit purpose

Work from anywhere

100% mobility

*Note : Applicable with optional recording function turn on only.

If this sounds like something your team could use, drop us a message and our team will get in touch!