Teams Connector Call Recording for Microsoft Teams

Voice recording service in the cloud

Axiom Teams Connector Call Recording service enables voice recording for Microsoft Teams calls with external parties, in the cloud. It is activated for certain designated Microsoft Teams user subscribed with the service only. Company supervisors access a web portal to retrieve and download the voice recordings.

Call recording is no longer restricted to office bound. Our solution enables customers who requires the call recording service to work from everywhere. This is a value-added service on top of Axiom Teams Connector subscription.

This is ideal for companies who wants to record the phone conversation of employees with external party for training and supervisory purposes. Some financial institutions need to record their customers’ instructions as proof of transaction too.



• Record Voice conversation from Microsoft Teams with external parties
• Show office phone numbers without revealing personal phone numbers
• Unlimited Call Recording.
• Call Recording can be stored up to 7 years.
• Always ON recording for designated Microsoft Teams users for PSTN Calls
• Only authorized supervisor have access to a web portal to listen and download the recordings.

We Offer


1. Work from anywhere

Location independence, 100% mobility.
Call Recording for selected users only.


No On-premise equipment needed.
100% Full subscription based cloud solution

3. Compliance & Traceability

Unlimited recording for up to 7 years

4. Cost savings

No on-premise equipment needed

5. Minimize human contacts

Remote installation and support

6. Fast to response

Quick deployment within 1 week

If this sounds like something your team could use, drop us a message and our team will get in touch!