Remote Working Solution

During any unforeseen circumstances such as the outbreak of Covid-19, ensuring Business As Usual is at the top of the mind of all organizations and businesses. Axiom Teams Connector together with Microsoft Teams provides a total solution for all users to work from anywhere and anytime. The goal is to enable everyone to work normally during this challenging period, leveraging latest technology.

Key Features of the solution:

Make and receive office calls with external parties

Show office phone numbers without revealing personal phone numbers

Unlimited free local calls

Messaging with co-worker

File sharing

Video and Audio conferencing

we offer


Work from anywhere

Employees can work from home or another office location. 100% mobility.

Cost savings

Unlimited free local calls

No CAPEX full subscription based

100% cloud solution

No call charges to individual employees

Billing to company

Fast to Provision

Remote activation of the service within a week

No change to phone numbers

Phone number retention* can be arranged

2Simple Steps to Make it Happen

Step 1

Enable users on Microsoft Teams and assign new/existing phone number to Teams.

Once this is done, all external incoming calls to the company can be answered by employees from anywhere. They can also make outgoing calls showing office* number without revealing their personal mobile or home numbers using Microsoft Teams.

This enables them to communicate normally with external parties, messaging with co-workers, file sharing as well as audio/video conferencing with anyone.

Step 2

Divert/Migrate company mainline/hotline to Microsoft Teams.

Incoming calls to the main line can be answered by selected group of employees from anywhere using Microsoft Teams. Alternatively, it can also be answered by an automated answering machine, before diverting to selected users.

That’s all. It is Business As Usual from now. Everything can be done remotely. It can be used within the office during normal period as well for improved productivity and cost savings.


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Remote Working Solution

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