‘DO NOT CALL (DNC) Screening for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams users who subscribe to the service will have all their outgoing calls be screened against the DNC database of PDPC and company’s blacklist automatically.

If the called party number is registered with the DNC registry or found within the company’s blacklist, Axiom Teams Connector will alert the caller with a message of ‘Do Not Call’ and discontinue the call. It is an add-on functionality for Axiom Teams
Connector. It is probably the only DNC screening for Microsoft Teams call today.



• All outgoing calls will be screened against PDPC DNC database
• Support internal company blacklist/whitelist screening
•Compliance call recording can be automatically activated for the call
• Inbound communication with social IVR.
• Unlimited call recording upto 7 years
• Authorised supervisor has access to screening log and call recordings

We offer


DNC database of PDPC Compliance

All outgoing calls will be screened against PDPC DNC database

Cost Savings

100% Cloud based solution

Hybrid Working

Support work from anywhere


Always available, visible and auditable


All outgoing calls will be screened automatically

Standardized Platform

Use Microsoft Teamsfor calling


Screening logs are available

If this sounds like something your team could use, drop us a message and our team will get in touch!