PSG Pre-approved Packages for Microsoft Cybersecurity Solutions

NEWLY LAUNCH from 21 April 2022

Protects SME against Cyber Threat with Microsoft Cybersecurity Solution

With 50% cost subsidy by Productivity SolutionS Grant


Sources: Checkpoint Research, 2021; Cisco 2017 Annual Cybersecurity Report; CSA’s Public Awareness Survey in 2017 Reveals Signs of Improvement in Cybersecurity Practices,” CSA press release, 23 April 2018.
As SMEs accelerates on Digital Transformation process, Cybersecurity remains a challenge. Business risks arising from cyber incidents are wide-ranging and can impact the business itself. It is therefore critical for SMEs to invest in cybersecurity to ensure that their assets and systems are protected from malicious cyber activities.

Being a PSG pre-approved solution provider and Microsoft Gold Partner, we are pleased to provide you with Microsoft Solution for Cybersecurity including Microsoft Defender for Office 365, Microsoft Defender for Business, Intune and enjoy up to 50% subsidy on the qualifying cost.



These are the components included in the pre-approved packages:

Microsoft Defender for Office 365
Microsoft Defender for Business
Microsoft Intune
Axiom Services

Bundled services

  • Microsoft Defender for Business implementation
  • Microsoft Defender for O365 implementation
  • Microsoft Intune implementation
  • Training and Support
  • Free Emails Migration (if applicable)
  • Free Teams PSTN Calling (if applicable)


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Key Features of the solution:


All in one Protection with continuous detection

  • Email Protection
  • Antispam Protection
  • Antimalware Protection
  • Next-generation Protection (antivirus and antimalware protection)
  • Attack Surface reduction
  • Endpoint Detection and Response
  • Web Protectionn
  • Ransomware Protection

Cloud Security Analytics

For example, any attack happen before anywhere in the world, will be machine learned and prevent from happening to the next users.

Enterprise-grade endpoint protection

Deploy security across your devices, and use automated built-in intelligence to rapidly protect, detect, and respond to threats.

Cost savings

Built in protection to maximize Office 365 applications productivity, while integration simplifies IT Management and reduce cost of maintaining IT infrastructure

Emails Protections

Minimise Phishing and malicious emails using Next Generation Protection Technology

Safe Detect and Response

Remove suspicious attachments and links. Time of Click protection for malicious link in emails. Safe management of attachments and links.

Endpoint Protection

Protect devices against virus and malware, including Windows, IOS, macOS and Android Devices


Receive regular monitoring reports

Industry Leading AI and Automation

Enables IT or security professionals to take specific actions. For example, they can send a file to quarantine when Defender detects any threats.

*Note : Subject to eligibility and approval by Enterprise Singapore