As a Broadsoft Xtended partner, our R&D team develops innovative applications that leverage the power of Broadworks, and help our service provider customers worldwide to further create product differentiations and extend the value of Broadworks.

Our solutions include user mobility applications, group admin applications, and vertical solutions for certain industries.

Product differentiation is always one of the top priorities for Telcos. Having this in mind, we help telcos with customised development for their own apps.

Check out our applications and request for a demo :

  • CityRoam
  • Auto Attendant Assistant
  • Mobile Group Admin on iPad and Adroid Tablet.
  • SIP Trunking App
  • Mobile Receptionist on iPad and Adroid Tablet
  • Branding and customization on BroadSoft’s UC Clients
  • Enterprise Web portal development for Broadworks.
  • Call Statistics Servers
  • ‘Do Not Call’ number screening solution integrated with BroadWorks.

We are now giving away 10 Free Mobile Group Admin licenses on iPad and Adroid Tablets for all Broadsoft’s service provider¬†customers

    Contact : for more information.